Becoming a Candidate

 To qualify as a candidate you must:

  • be a resident of the Commonwealth for one year immediately preceding the election.
  • be a resident of the County of Louisa for one year prior to the date of the election.
  • be qualified to vote for and hold the office for which one offers to stand for election.
  • comply with all filing requirements. 

Prospective Candidates may order or download a Candidate Information Bulletin and candidate qualification forms directly from the Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) by calling 1-800-552-9745.

This bulletin provides:

  • filing forms and deadlines.
  • legal requirements and penalties for failure to comply.
  • information on other required forms (especially campaign financial filings).
  • answers to frequently asked questions about elections and candidates.

After reading the Candidate Information Bulletin, feel free to contact the General Registrar's office for further explanation and for any questions.