Special Waste Programs

Household Hazardous Waste Day


Louisa County provides scheduled programs for special wastes twice a year in the Spring and the Fall. Check information, including hours, when the biannual event is posted to the General Services/Solid Waste & Recycling calendar.


Louisa County Sanitary Landfill
807 Moorefield Road
Mineral, VA 23117


Special Directions for COVID-19
For Personal Safety, please place all materials for recycling in the trunk or bed of your vehicle. Citizens will not be allowed to exit their vehicles, only fuel storage containers will be returned to vehicles, and windows may only be rolled halfway down. This is to protect citizens and workers.

About Household Hazardous Waste Day
The Louisa County General Services Department holds at least two Household Hazardous Waste Day events every calendar year. One takes place in the Spring and one in the Fall. The events are designed to allow residents the chance to dispose of common hazardous household wastes free of charge. These wastes cannot be placed in the landfill and there is no local vendor they can be taken to for recycling. Household Hazardous Waste Day events are one way the County of Louisa aims to protect the environment for the future. Other ways are the recycling programs the County offers at its refuse sites including comingle, cardboard, and used oil recycling. For more information on recycling visit https://www.louisacounty.com/219/Solid-Waste-Recycling or call the Louisa County Sanitary Landfill at (540) 894-5390.

Household Hazardous Wastes Accepted:

•Drain Cleaners

•Metal Polish

•Photo Chemicals

•Dry Cleaning Fluid

•Rust Preventatives

•Wood Strippers

•Paint Thinner



•Brake Fluid

•Transmission fluid


•Insect Sprays

•Pool Chemicals

•Cesspool Cleaners




•Oven Cleaners

•Arts & Craft Supplies

•Floor Cleaners

•Radiator Cleaners



•Wood Preservatives


•Old Chemistry Sets


•Rodent Killers

•Hydrochloric Acid



•Moth Balls


•Household Poisons


•Fluorescent Bulbs

•Propane Tanks

•Fire Extinguishers

•Refrigerant Gases

•Aerosol Cans

•Engine and Radiator Fluids

•Paints: Latex & Oil Based

Electronic Wastes Accepted Include:




•Cell Phones

•Stereo Equipment

•Satellite Receivers

Items Not Accepted:


Items must be clearly labeled and identifiable. This event is for County residents ONLY; Proof of residency will be required. Hazardous waste from Businesses will not be accepted – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Prescription Disposal

The Sheriff's Office has a prescription box in their lobby at 1 Woolfolk Ave. They also hold a prescription take-back day twice a year at several locations in the County to safely dispose of expired or unused prescriptions.