Current Alerts for Central VA (including Louisa)

Central VA Incident & Travel Alerts (VDOT)

  1. I-95N at MM 76.0

    On I-95 at mile marker 76 in the City of Richmond, motorists can expect delays due to a vehicle crash. The north exit 76A is closed.
    Last updated:
    Sun 12/10/2023 3:10 AM EST

  2. Rt. 746N (Chesterfield County) at Walthall Dr; Rt. 891N/S (Chesterfield County)

    On Rt. 746 in the County of Chesterfield, in the vicinity of Walthall Dr; Rt. 891N/S (Chesterfield County), motorists can expect delays due to weather. All north lanes are closed. All south lanes are closed.
    Use caution, there is a...

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Louisa County Sheriff's Office News Releases

  1. Phone Scam Alert

    The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) is warning the public of a phone scam that’s taking place in our area.  The scammers contac...

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Updates from Area Partners

We work with area partners, like Louisa County Public Schools, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the Virginia Department of Transportation, electric service providers and many others to serve the community. Use the below to see their latest updates.

Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Map 

Learn more at the Virginia Department of Health's website.